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that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver
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a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. good morning maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team, your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. the bottom line, looks like we are watching what is fog forming over downtown and could come down to the ground sometime soon or during the morning. it's christy at traffic, marty bass has the weather. we can throw it in to
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motion. note that we really continue in this very moist flow, widen it out, and notice how much moisture is to the south. some tags us, through the bulk of the morning commute before then, though. look if you will at the day part. thunderstorms symbol up, midday and on, slight risk category, in the storm prediction center for gusty weather later on. are we going to see severe weather, remains to be seen. are we going to see a thunderstorm or two? no question about it. 76 on its way to a high of near 80. bedtime back to 70 and a lingering shower. here is christy at traffic control. >> good morning, again, don, good morning everyone. starting with an update on the fire activity in baltimore city. that does have mohawk avenue closed between west forest park and hillsdale. as far as southbound 152,
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harford county, conly just re- opened. back to normal in that direction. reisterstown, gores mill closed between nicodemus road and cockeysville road. that bridge is washed away. volume is beginning to build, that's a look at 95 north of white marble boulevard. for the accurate and up to date traffic information available, log on to thank you, continuing to follow breaking news in northwest baltimore, house fire in the 2800 block of mohawk avenue, off of forest park drive. two people are now confirmed dead in the fire. we will check in with monique griego in a moment. what else people will be talking about and following, more fireworks expected in the trial of michael jackson's personal physician in california. elizabeth sanchez reports for wjz, the opening statements were filled with surprises. >> reporter: prosecutors
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painted dr. conrad murray as a reckless caretaker willing to give michael jackson the powerful anesthetic propofol, he died of a overdose june 25th, 2009. >> it was dr. murray's repeated incompetent and un skilled acts that led to mr. jackson's death. >> reporter: prosecutors played an audio recording dr. murray made weeks before jackson died. jackson described his hopes for his upcoming show, "this is it" that show was supposed to be jackson's big come back. concert promoter testified that the pop star wanted to hire dr. murray specifically for the tour. murray's lower lip quivered and tears ran down his face when
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his attorneys spoke of friendship with jackson. he admitted giving the singer propofol, the defense claims jackson gave himself the dose when he left the room. ortega jackson was sickly in rehearsals the week before his death and told dr. murray. >> he said i should stop trying to be a amateur doctor and psychologist and be a dwror. director. >> murray faces four years in prison and loss of medical license. listeria outbreak is the deadliest food born illness in a decade. as many as 16 people have died all because of the cantaloupes traced back to a farm in colorado. listeria is more deadly than salmonella and e. coli. putting lives at risk by refusing to pull over, that's
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the charge against a city police officer who is accused of leading baltimore police on a high speed pursuit while drunk. here is kai jackson with the story. >> reporter: baltimore county police say it happened friday, september 23rd, around 2:00 in the morning on liberty road. a patrol officer with radar clocked a lexus doing 72 in a 35 miles per hour zone. >> the officer once we heard of the allegations was suspended. >> reporter: the speeding car was driven by baltimore city officer timothy smith, who is 25. investigators say when the patrol officer attempted to stop smith he kept going. in the charging document , the officer wrote the lexus failed to stop and accelerate and crossed over all lanes cutting in front of vehicles. smith abruptly stopped his car on baltimore drive. baltimore county police say when they finally caught up with city officer timothy smith they had to remove him from his car and place him in handcuffs.
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according to charging documents officers found the defendant's eyes to be glassy and bloodshot and speech to be slurred. police say they placed city officer timothy smith under arrest when he failed a field sobriety test. >> he is suspended working administrative duty, gun and badge taken away. >> reporter: timothy faces a criminal investigation by baltimore county police, once that is complete, he faces an internal affairs investigation by the city police department for whom he works. i'm kai jackson reporting, back to you. >> he has been with the police department for five years. autopsies confirm five people found dead in indiana were shot to death and killers are at largement police say four of the people dead are from one family, a man, woman and two adult children, 5th person is a 43-year-old man. san francisco giants fan beating outside of dodgers stadium shows signs of improvement. relatives say he went outside
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for the first time in six months he has also been making jokes recognizing family members and recalling memories from childhood he suffered brain jury in the attack in march. we continue to follow the breaking news in northwest baltimore, a house fire. monique griego joins us on the phone. >> reporter: good morning, firefighter were called after 4:30 this morning, they learned that two people were trapped inside, we know that both of the people have died. firefighters say they were a man and a woman, neighbors tell us they were the owners of the home. we learned there were no smoke alarms and there are bars on the windows and firefighters belief it trapped the people inside. that's why they were not able to go out. the man called in the 911 call to the fire department. the operator said she could hear him pulling on the window the bars of the doors trying to
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get out of the house, the people did not survive. we will continue following this story and bring you details a little bit later in the show. >> a fatal fire on mohawk avenue in forest park. northwest baltimore, the flames maybe out but the smell of burnt tires lingers there. a 3 alarm fire broke out at a shop on belvedere monday afternoon. investigators say despite the smell the air is safe. no word yet on how that blaze began. engineers plan to repel down the side of the washington monument in dc checking for cracks caused by last month's earthquake. several cracks were seen outside the national land mark after the 5.8 magnitude quake struck. the reveal of the next generation iphone could be less than a week away. apple confirms it's holding a
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press event on october 4th. that's where the iphone 5 is expected to make its debut. it is rumored to have a 8 8 mega pixel camera. ryan hit not one but two home runs on the night. fist of his major league career. jones had a chance to win it for the birds in the bottom of the 9th but grounded out givenning the sox an 8-7 win. red sox fans will want to see the result of the rays yankees game. martin hits in to a triple play as the rays roll to beat the yankees 5- 3. that keeps them tied with the red sox.
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interesting. next up the league championship series, the world series, i marked that in my year, i normally would have the first fire in the fireplace. it's usually during the league championship series. i point that out because this weekend it's like in the low 60s saturday with wind, you could bang a mid-60s on the field saturday. sunday night we've got the ravens playing at 8:20. >> i'm thinking about it. >> the jets in town. i'm going to be there. we will be hurting monday morning. how do you pass this one up? >> i mean, it's going to be rather chilly. temperatures will be falling in to the upper 40s by the end of the game. we are getting to the point where you are going to have to start thinking to yourself,
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maybe, you will start smelling someone with a fireplace going. saturday or sunday, if you are walking through a neighborhood you will smell a fireplace going. >> i won't fight you on that. let's look at first warning doppler. i told my wife i need to bring wood in from the woodpile and let it start drying after the 12 inches of rain this month. that is pretty testy shower activity south of dc. it's 6:12, that's going to tag us before 9:00. let's look at the forecast. fog is in immediate concern. shower activity over the next couple of hours. this afternoon, we will watch for potentially gusty thunderstorms with a high temperature of 79 degrees. look at the numbers for the weekend, five day forecast here, coming up shortly. ron, are you going to the game sunday night? >> reporter: what time is the game? >> 8:20.
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>> reporter: kofi[coughing] i will be there sunday night. monday morning is what i'm worried about. giving you a peek in to the future. we are looking forward to it sunday is going to be a nice day. live in hollands market, union square area, all the good folks bhe. taking part in the is a wee bo 5k sunday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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race, we were supposed to do something with hulk hogan. he was supposed to be here in the morning. problems booking another flight didn't get here until the middle of the afternoon. 70 now. 6% humidity. dew point is back up to 69. fog continues to try and formment winds barely moving. barometer 29.87. the same temperature this time as it was this time yesterday morning. 70 tv hill. 70 dc. mid-50s oakland. 67 hagerstown. almost 70 packs river. the stubborn area of low pressure this closed off low is still dominating out weather. between that and the high essentially up now and canadian maritimes, it's like one of
6:18 am
those machines you see at orioles park for the baseball, spits it out, here comes batting practice. that is what is going on here, the baseball, or tennis ball would be that moisture coming up from the south. look at the picture. that's incredible. we have been looking at this for almost 7 days. slug of moisture on radar to the south will impact the latter part of our commute. one or two fronts diving in to the region. that's going to set us up for the chillier weekend. 79 the high. watch for gusty thunderstorms later on. partly cloudy, 64 degrees overnight. tomorrow it's more of a mention than a guarantee of a shower or thunderstorm with a high of 77. another mention and i think little more solid than tomorrow is the second of two cold fronts in to the area friday 76. behind that saturday, big pressure gradient. windy temperatures in the le60s. much of the day feeling like
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the 50s. sunday breezy, 63. the 48 degrees overnight sunday night. monday back up to 70. that's below normal. don, take it away. rush now from christy at traffic control. good morning again, don and everyone. that fatal fire in baltimore produced road closures, mohawk is closed between west forest park and hills dale. we have the traffic lights out in the essex area, stimmers run at rossville boulevard. because of the flooding we are feeling the effects of it. gores mill, closed between nicodemus and cockeysville. look at drive times on the outer loop, 795 to 95, 54 miles an hour african and 11 minutes to get by. traffic is still continuing to build there, 95 north of white march boulevard. this report is brought by toyota and your local toyota
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dealer. buy right the first time and save more in the long run. toyota is moving forward. >> reporter: good morning, we are live right be hollands market. union scare area of baltimore, the sowebo landmark 5k, first annual sunday, all the good folks taking part in it. sunday is the day. >> that's the big day. this is a great neighborhood. we've got a lot to offer here. doesn't get a whole lot of attention. >> let's talk about the b and o railroad museum. >> museum. >> they are going to go through the campus and see the historic loke mote i haves up close -- locomotives and it will be a great event. registration until thursday evening. 11:59, go to and punch in sowebo landmark 5k.
6:21 am
>> reporter: here is jessica, one of the many volunteers, this 5k has a purpose. we want to talk about that. >> our purpose is community's raising healthy kids. our focus is to fight childhood obesity. there is a epidemic across america. we want to invite people down to union square, the end of the 5k. >> reporter: great idea. >> the kids and the runners will get their lovely t-shirt as well as a sh wag bag with different coupons and give away items. the weather is going to be great we hear. the kids fun run is after the 5k from 10:00 a.m. to noon. >> reporter: thank you guys, very much. carry, let's show that t-shirt. bring it up a little you are a tbrask designer. -- graphic designer. you have all the landmarks of
6:22 am
so weedo in here. initial hi we came up with the concept to show the beautiful historic landmarks and encourage people to visit them. >> reporter: thank you so much. the fist annual sunday morning, starts right here at hollands market. back to you. >> we thank you so much. taking a break and be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, let's look at first warning doppler. pretty big slug of moisture. down to the south, let's look at that. yesterday almost, i don't remember rs the same type of look over western maryland. slow moving slug of moisture. this one seems to have a little bit of forward progress to it, though. i don't think there is question, we will have a late, i want to say wet, late commute. look at the clock. i'm looking at the lowser returns there. may start raining within 8:00. long story short, we will take a look at the forecast today. showers around. the bigger issue is going to be gusty thunderstorms later with a high of 79 degrees.
6:26 am
it's in the humid low 70s right now. don, take it away. next up, here on wjz 13, the latest on a fatal fire in forest park, here is monique griego. >> reporter: good morning, two people were killed in the fire in baltimore. i'm monique griego. the latest from the scene. political scandal on trial, i'm derek valcourt with a bribery allegations against a politician and why his attorneys say he did nothing wrong. that's coming up. despite his insistence he will not run for president. the calls for new jersey governor chris christy to jump in to the race keep coming. good morning, wjz traffic control. delays building on the west side of the outer loop and update on the closures due to the fire. i will have the details. hulk hogan has a new show on true tv.
6:27 am
talking about the chance of a lifetime for shorter athletes, hulk o mania runs wild on the morning edition next half hour. its morning edition and a kind of foggy morning continuing right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:30, here is your live look at a drive, sticky, with humid haze around. fog could be forming. marty has rain on the radar. christy has traffic offer the weather. lack at first warning doppler, notice general proximity, let's zoom in a little bit closer to the baltimore, washington corridor, we are starting to see shower activity. some maybe aloft but pressing through northeast montgomery county. besides fog we will mention shower activity shortly. after lunch, chance of gusty thunderstorms. low 70s now, 76 lunch. high of near 80, this evening 70, lingering showers. if you are getting ready to
6:31 am
leave, here is christy at traffic control. good morning, we are starting to see delays out there on the west side of the outer loop. a 15 minute drive now, that's from 795 to security boulevard. as far as the traffic lights in essex, still out, that's at rossville boulevard, due to the fatal fire in baltimore, ho hawk closed between west forest park and hills dale. a closure, between petticoat and deep powder court. a look at drive times, on the outer loop, 83-95, 54 miles an hour average and 11 minutes to get through. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. this morning's fatal fire in north west baltimore,
6:32 am
monique griego is on the fire scene. not that far from forest park golf course,. >> reporter: good morning, don and good morning everyone. firefighters were called to the 2800 block of mohawk after 4:30. they learned that two people were trapped inside thousand. both of them were found dead inside an upstairs bedroom. this is still a very active scene here, fire investigators are here, several crews are here trying to put out hot spots, burning inside the home. we have learned it was the owners of the home killed in the fire, a man and the woman, firefighters tell us it was the man who first called in the fire to 911. authorities say this was one working smoke alarm inside the home. there were bars on the bedroom's windows and doors. it's believed the man became trapped inside the bedroom and trapped inside when he was on the phone with a 911 operator.
6:33 am
the entire front of the home was gutted by flames and the cause of the fire is still under in investigation. neighbors say the owners that were killed were the original owners of the home. upset people out here trying to come to terms with what happened here this morning. >> thank you very much. following that story for the rest of the morning. we will post updates throughout the day at as well. it is day two in the trial of michael jackson's physician in california. the prosecution waste nod time blaming conrad murray for the pop star's death. claiming he knew about jackson's health problems but gave him powerful sed tiffs. jurors herd the program ortega, the director and producer of the last tour. he talks about his conversation he had about his health. >> i care about you, i don't
6:34 am
want ill harm on you. he said i'm fine. i promise you. he gave me a hug. i left carolwood. >> defense blames jackson for his death saying he gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. derek valcourt explains, the trial of ulysses currie has begun. >> reporter: 74-year-old state senator currie saying little now but professing innocence to the bribery charges spelled out during opening arguments. prosecutors allege he was paid in exchange for political favors saying the evidence will establish beyond a reasonable doubt shoppers bought the power of a state senator. he sold his power for almost a quarter of a million dollars. prosecutors claim between the
6:35 am
thousand 3-2008, he used the political power to influence a state deal at the mall. that benefited shoppers food with a lower rent. they say his political maneuvering allowed shoppers to transfer a liquor license from the park store to college park location. that he helped the company in efforts to get traffic lights near certain shoppers stores including this now closed location on reisterstown road. all prosecutors say without disclosing he was working as a paid consultant for the chain. defense attorneys are trying to convince jurors that while he may have failed to disclose a conflict of interest, his paid consulting work did not amount to bribery and he did nothing illegal. this was not a secret, there were no secret files in the safe his attorneys told jurors, not only did he disclose every dime and dollar, he paid taxes on it. this won't a slam dunk for the prosecution. defense has a long list of witnesses they plan to call to refute the prosecutor's claims , the trial expected to last
6:36 am
six weeks. derek valcourt, wjz 13, eye witness news. two shoppers executives are facing charges accused of paying currie the bribes. postal workers rally against planned cuts. they say the plan shut down 41 post offices in the area and it would mean a loss of 1000 jobs. cummings introduced a bill to prevent the cuts from happening. post offices need to be trimmed away to stop the flow of money out. first of in the nation ban could be coming from state of maryland soon. health officials want to ban bumper pads for cribs saying they pose risk because they can suffocate or strangle infants. it would not only stop the sale for babies but older children and those with special needs. if approved, that ban could go in effect as early as 2013.
6:37 am
white house is heading to court to keep photos of a dead osama bin laden under wraps. the watchdog group judicial watch, has filed a lawsuit to get access to the 52 photos and video recordings, justice department argues releasing them would incite violence against morning overseas and compromise techniques used by the cia. perry picked up cash. his campaign pocketed $75,000. as he continues the fundraising tour, suzanne reports for wjz 13 that a man not in the race is drawing lots of attention. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christy keeps depending off call farce presidential run it's extraordinarily flattering, but by the same token, that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. >> reporter: last night at the
6:38 am
ronald reagan library in california, audience members asked him if he would reconsider joining the gop race but he would only point to his past answers. christy fielded questions after he delivered a speech slamming congress and president obama. >> insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the american dream. >> reporter: the governor is under growing pressure to throw his hat in to the ring, especially from republicans unhappy with the current gop field. >> there are a lot of republicans who want him or someone else to run. >> reporter: according to the latest cbs news new york times poll, 4 3% of republicans primary voters are satisfied with the choices. 50% want more options. the press story out this morning says 3 candidate have
6:39 am
substantial money in the bank, perry, romney and congressman ron paul. surprise for the country music group rascal flatts as vince gill steps out to interrupt the performance at the grand old opry. >> from every member at the grand old opry, i'm here and gratefully and gladly so to invite you guys to be the next members of the grand old opry. >> the men had tears in their eyes as the audience gave them a standing ovation. they are a top selling country group of the last decade. turning to sports and the last game of the season for the orioles. they will close things up tonight. playing the red sox downtown tonight. the red sox offense would keep on coming and take the win 8-7. oh p the mount tonight lester who is the winningest pitcher.
6:40 am
check out the video from baseball game in taiwan, a man is caught on camera dropping his daughter to try to catch a foul ball. she goes tumbling in to empty seats. i'm sure you noticed, the man didn't catch the foul ball. >> what about when this guy got home? that was an encyclopedia of nonverbal communication. >> i think we are lucky we don't read lips in korean. >> you think we should have digitized her lips? >> try and explain it, dude? that dude is going to try and explain it.
6:41 am
all right. ouch. i'm telling you. she face plants. okay. try and explain it, dude, that's all i can say. all right. he won't be doing happy hour for the next two and a half years. >> no third child for him. coming up, hulk ho tban is going to joint us. there he is, hulk o mania runs wild. the micro church church wrestling challenge. it's not the -- i don't want to use the word freak show that you think it is, reality tv. she's are serious athletes, hulk is going to explain it. coming up, christy is in traffic control. if you've got pain?
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look at the radar, down to the south, we have two different scans. show you before the break, the mosaic, takes the radar and makes the mosaic, shows you what is above us. this is what is falling. falling rain south of dc, moisture coming through, almost that southern howard county right now. i think it's only a matter of time looking at at the clock, maybe 8:00 before we see shower activity. this is going to define we are through lunchtime, 95 corridor. then it gets interesting. tv hill 70. first time we seen temperature and dew point with 100% humidity. there is the fog. winds slight. barometer 29.89. this month, we've had over 9
6:46 am
inches our normal rainfall with more on the way over the next couple of hours. temperature change 24 hours, none. now tv hill, 70. low 70s elkton, easton and ocean city. mid-60s cumberland. 55 oakland. westminster, bel air and columbia. 72 rock hall. kent island, the big autooff out there. we have this dry dome offshore, a mix faster effect. moisture is being carried up the eastern sea board, between the two and our weather today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night and maybe on in to friday. eventually, two frontal systems diving through the area and changing our weather for the weekend. one and two. behind the segment, it's going to get chilly and windy on saturday. shockingly so honestly. 79 the high this day. maybe some gusty weather this afternoon. a slight risk category by the
6:47 am
storm prediction center. partly cloudy, lingering showers, 64 overnight. shower or thundershower tomorrow, high of 77. friday the boundary, we see a passing shower or thundershower. windy and 63 degrees saturday. much of the day feel like the mid-50s. sunday a bit of a breeze, sunnier than saturday. 63, ravens play at 8:20 sunday night. temperatures going to be in the mid, upper 50s at game time. sunshine monday with a high of 70. five below normal. straight to christy at traffic control. hi everyone. traffic is still building there on the west side of the outer loop, very heavy at this point from the 795 over to security boulevard at least 20 minutes to get through. we have the closure in baltimore city, mohawk closed between west forest park and hills dale due to the fatal fire, northbound 795, between owings mill and franklin boulevard, really starting to
6:48 am
slow traffic down as you make your approach to the beltway. taking a look at overall thrive times on the inner loop, 83 to 95, a 5 miles per hour average and 11 minutes to get through. a live look, see everything moving well there, 95 top of the fort mc henry tunnel. 795 at cockies mil. the hulkster, hulk hogan on the satellite interview furnished by true tv. >> wa are you going to do when hulk o mania runs wild. what is happening brother? >> the two man party. how are you guys doing? >> thank you, you remember. >> welcome back to baltimore. you guys did a lot of the wrestling shows from right here
6:49 am
in baltimore, maryland. >> i used to tear that civic center down, that was a great atmosphere and great wrestling crowd, great city. >> they are still trying to tear it down. we renamed it twice but want to tear it down. you are looking great. what is with m cw? >> hulk hogan's microchampionship wrestling, on true tv at 10:00 p.m., wednesday night. a bunch of little guys, little girls that chosen wrestleing to make a living and love the art form and work really hard. it's really physical but the real story is once they step outside the ring. the doorknob you opened is impossible for them. they can't reach the sink in a public restroom or never see themselves in the mirror, little guys and girls, normal sized wives and kids, discipline problems, they take on this big world in a graceful and aggressive way. that's the real show.
6:50 am
>> you are big. how did you get interested in doing this? >> well, i got lucky. it was on a whim. johnny green, who actually promotes and runs microchampionship wrestling on the road, he was looking for a little assistance financially, i said before i dig in, what going on. when i saw the film clips and met the talent and saw the potential they had, i said this is more than just a one off, one night stand every night this is huge. there is a huge human interest story here and these little guys and girls, they deserve to be in the flow to be in the main event entertainment status, they deserve a better quality of life, which means if you generate more revenue it doesn't make you happy but makes things easier. that was my goal to make things better. >> besides their out of the range stories, will we see them competing? realistically speaking, if i'm your size , the brute force of
6:51 am
the event is going to be there. they are the same size. it's the same net affect. it's wrestling. >> well, it's actually tougher. because the equipment is smaller. the ring is smaller. there is not any give in the ring. i would rather be slammed on the concrete rather than in the ring. when they go to the top rope it's a leap of faith compared to when a normal size person goes to the top rope. the odds are overwhelming but just to see how they handle stuff from in the ring, to stuff in real life, such as using a knife or a fork, you wouldn't have a problem with, is too big for them. it's amazing how they adapt and compete and gracefully move through the obstacles of life which we don't think about. >> i'm a gym freak. we have afternoon frees, i have gotten don in the gym, don goes regularly now i can walk up and
6:52 am
pick up a 20-pound weight it fits my hand. how do they keep in condition? they can't use my equipment? no, they can't. it's that way with everything. climbing in to a bed in a hotel room. they can't get up in to the bed unless they figure out a way to step up on to something. this goes on and on. when i said the worse gracefully and aggressively, that's how they handle the world. this is a very physical situation. you may think wrestling is fake. it's not. the end of wrestling is predetermined. we know who is going to win or lose but what is happening is physical. these guys work around injuries and go to the gym and find ways to train and use the equipment that we use, sometimes they need a little help and people are more than nice to help them. this is for real. this is what they do and at the end of the day, they deserve a better quality of life.
6:53 am
>> cool. honestly on true tv, i can't wait to watch this. it's cool that maybe one of the top five most recognizable names in the history of wrestling is -- front -- you know -- >> you got my vote. >> i grew up with dick the bruiser, with all due respect. sorry hulk. it's great to have you on the show. i can't wait to watch this on true tv. we would love to have you on next time. >> don and marty mania, thank you, brother. >> thank you, see you later. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
forecast today showers, maybe thunderstorms this afternoon with a high of 79.
6:56 am
over the christy, wjz 13 traffic control. hi everyone. plenty of activity out there, northbound 795, we have a vehicle fire between owings mill and franklin boulevard. 15 minutes away on the west side outer loop, 795 to edmonton avenue and northbound side backing town there from pell air over to harford road. let's take a live look, see plenty of congestion on the beltway at old court road and the same situation on the north side. this traffic report is brought by len the plumber. . we follow the breaking news in northwest baltimore. video from mohawk avenue, two people are dead in a house fire. investigators say bars on the windows may have prevented the homeowners from getting out. we will bring you updates throughout the morning and on
6:57 am
line at wjz 13. -- or excuse me. stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station, news, weather and traffic ahead and the latest coming up on the trial of dr. conrad murray. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 10/13/2011